4 Divorce Realities to Accept


Making the decision to divorce is heartbreaking. Odds are that there’s going to be a lot happening that you don’t expect. Read on to find out the realities of divorce and watch this review video for more help.

1. You could decide that you don’t actually hate your spouse.

If you feel like you hate your spouse, it could be because you truly still love them or because you do, actually, have some hatred toward them. Either way, hating your ex-other half isn’t a prerequisite for getting divorced. Divorce is about deciding that two people aren’t working well in a marriage, something that doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with no longer caring about your ex. You could continue to care about and even be friends with your ex long after your divorce.

2. You have to say “goodbye” to the good stuff.

In many divorces, there are a lot of bad memories to get rid of, but there’s also often a lot of good stuff. You may no longer fight with your partner every night, but family dinners will be gone as well. You may feel more free and at peace, but you won’t be able to spend holidays together. Be prepared to get rid of everything, both good and bad.

3. You can keep your life together mid-divorce.

Media has painted the divorcee as a person who roams around in their pajamas all day, drinking wine and crying. For many people, though, the rest of life carries on as usual while they navigate the messy waters of divorce. Grocery shopping, work schedules, meetings with teachers, weekly yoga sessions – those things don’t have to take a back seat to your divorce.

4. Your life is going to change drastically.

You may think that you already know this and that it’s the main reason for wanting a divorce in the first place. Until you’re actually divorced, though, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly how much about your life will change. Everything from your finances to your friendships could be different post-divorce, and not always in a good way. Better than wondering what will change is assuming that everything will be in upheaval. That way, you’ll be prepared for the changes and surprised when certain things hold strong.

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Shale Gas: An Alternative Source Of Energy


When it comes to solving the world wide energy crisis, there are a great many possible solutions, but many fewer people and corporations actively working to make these alternatives a reality. The massive crisis that oil seems to engender every few years has not yet alarmed the world’s population enough to force them to begin looking for a long term solution. Yet, when you add the growing fear over world terrorism to the looming specter of catastrophic climate change, it would seem that there is more than enough plausible motivation to impel mankind toward a final resolution of these weighty issues.

The Quest For Alternative Sources Of Energy

Perhaps the biggest problem that the human race will be forced to confront over the coming century is the reality of finite resources. This applies with especial vehemence to our sources of oil. While other sources of energy, such as solar and wind power, remain as a seemingly infinite reserve of power, we have yet to fully realize the means of utilizing them. Meanwhile, the competition over the remaining oil supply grows more fierce.

While advocates of fracking and clean coal continue to sound the alarm over the growing dependence of our nation on foreign sources of energy, the fact remains that the United States still depends on Middle Eastern resources to a very unhealthy degree. As the debate over these alternative sources of energy continues, the war on terror continues to cost the West – and the United States in particular – many more billions of dollars, each and every year. The tipping point has not yet come, but very few people would deny that it isn’t already in sight.

Could Shale Gas Be The Solution?

However, there have been some recent breakthroughs in the area of shale gas development that have proven to be most promising. Energy experts, such as Daniel Yergin among others, have hailed shale gas as a potential game changer. While this potential remains to be realized, there have certainly been some promising developments in this area.

The native reserves of American shale gas have been estimated at a staggering extent of some 2,000 trillion cubic feet. This makes for a nearly inexhaustible supply of shale gas, one that could potentially last for a century or more. Of course, this massive supply of shale gas has yet to be fully tapped into and exploited. However, research and development is ongoing. It seems that the future of this purely native source of energy could be a very bright one indeed.

Making Plans For The Coming Future

In the end, the purpose of all of this ongoing research and development is to discover a supply of clean, cost efficient energy that will fuel the growing demands of our nation. It could be that our new found supplies of unconventional gas – predominantly shale – could be the solution to our ever growing need for more sources of energy. However, the full exploitation of these resources is something that will have to be considered very carefully before being undertaken.

Whatever the future may hold in store for the nation, it is heartening to see that these reserves of shale gas may well offer a sustainable source of energy to fuel the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans to come. cred

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Carpet maintenance in your home


Carpets add beauty and warmth to any home. They give rooms a touch of elegance and sophistication and complement any decor. Rooms with carpets provide a cozy, comfortable atmosphere that encourages relaxation and serenity. Because they represent a substantial investment, they deserve regular maintenance to help them retain their beauty for a long time. Routine vacuuming helps keep them dust and dirt free, which also helps prolong their life. When unexpected events result in a carpet being stained, it requires immediate attention and expertise from a professional carpet cleaning service such as Green Choice Carpet. 

All types of carpets and rugs present a challenge when they become stained or just require a thorough cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners have the expertise and experience required to clean every type of rug and restore it to its original beauty. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning services use only biodegradable products that are non-toxic and environmentally safe. It is best not to defer cleaning a stained or excessively dirty carpet until the dirt and stains further damage the carpet. Quick action and prompt cleaning can prevent more costly cleaning later on. 

All rugs are susceptible to stains and damage resulting from heavy traffic and just normal wear-and-tear from constant use. While some types of carpets are more durable than others, Persian rugs are especially vulnerable to stains and odors. These beautiful rugs maintain their beauty without a lot of cleaning, but they stain easily if spills and spots are not removed quickly. Blotting a spill with cold water can prevent stains that require more thorough cleaning, if left untreated for a period of time. 

Persian rug cleaning is challenging and requires time, attention and expertise by a carpet-cleaning expert with experience cleaning these types of rugs. These exquisite rugs deserve the very best cleaning possible. It is important to eliminate dirt and toxins that collect over time in the rugs. Premium Persian rugs and other oriental rugs must be hand cleaned and treated with the care a quality rug deserves. These rugs are highly susceptible to damage from lack of proper care and cleaning. They require special attention to detail to help them maintain their timeless beauty.

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